Do the holidays excite you or do they stress you out? Last week, I chatted with Michelle Hill with Southern Inspirations about giving, because that’s one of the things that stresses some of us out about the holidays. Here’s the video, and I’ll add our tips below the video.

We have lots of reasons for giving, from gifts for friends and family to our churches to worthwhile non-profits that have impacted our lives in a positive way.

December is such a heavy gift giving month, you need to plan ahead and budget for that month. It’s wise to plan your entire year of giving from birthdays, Christmas, and more. One of my friends told me yesterday that their family plans a gift-giving budget for the year, then it’s funded from paychecks all year. Once the money is gone, no more gifts are given, unless they reduce their expenses in another area. Sounds right to me!

Giving daily in small ways is a great way to express your love and appreciations of others. Hugs are free, so hand those out plentifully. You can give a start of a plant growing in your yard to someone who loves your yard. A simple card or handwritten note is so appreciated in this day and age of instant emails and texts. If you cook more than your family needs, invite a neighbor over, or take part of the meal to a friend in need.

Hope these tips help you.