Sitting at home, wondering how to bring in some extra bucks to help you achieve your big goals? Here’s our thoughts on ways to earn extra money and grow your budget. Which of these tips for extra cash work for you?

Tip 1: Clean out your garage, attic, closets, and sheds.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. We’ve all heard that, and it’s true. Even though you didn’t love that InstaPot that you had to have for tips for extra cashChristmas, you know others are just now looking to buy one themselves. That stored china is exactly what another bride would love to add to her cabinets.

Gather all the things you no longer need. Make sure they’re in good shape … perfect for their purpose. Take pictures, and post online on various selling pages. Folks will call, text, message, and more, and you can accept money and let them pickup from your porch.

Tip 2: Provide a Service

People still need things. Are you a great cook? Could you make extra and sell to friends? Do you love working in the yard? Folks are still looking to have their lawns mowed, their leaves rakes, and flowers planted.

Perhaps you have a business skill that you can offer. Creating resumes, doing bookkeeping, offering social media marketing assistance. Some business people would probably pay you to make phone calls for them during this period. Think outside the box. What can you do from home, and who would pay you to do that?

Tip 3: Refinance Your Home or Car

Interest rates are still really low, so lowering your payments will increase your available funds. Call your favorite mortgage lender, here’s a couple of mine, to see what they can offer you. Contact your bank or credit union to find out if refinancing your vehicle will help. If you have State Farm insurance, they also finance vehicles, and sometimes that’s a really good option.

Tip 4: Cancel Unneeded Services

Here’s another way to increase your budget, just cancelling services you are no longer using or need. Some apps downloaded to our phone have a monthly or annual cost. Are you still using that app? If not cancel it.

What about your gym membership? My husband had multiple gym membership until recently. If you can’t go right now, freeze that membership. If you haven’t been in a while, just cancel it.

Print out your checking account transactions for the past year to find all the things that you’re paying for that you’ve forgotten. See how much money you save, just cancelling things that you aren’t using now or maybe haven’t used in a long time. I can’t wait to hear about your savings.

Tip 5: Loan Some Money

Seriously, if you have money just sitting in the bank not drawing much interest, you can earn interest on your money. Be careful who you loan your money to, but if find a secure investment, like a short term real estate deal, you can increase your money by the interest you earn on that loan. We use private money lenders on all our real estate projects.

tips for extra cashTip 6: Start a Business

There are so many businesses you can start from home, with lots of different start-up costs, but lots of tips for extra cash. Find something you are passionate about, and start your own business. Some of my friends are really passionate about skincare, oils, pets, wellness, greeting cards and more, and they do a great job sharing the value their products offer. Jump aboard one of these businesses now, growing your income for the future.

Lots of Idea, Did You Think of More?

I came up with these ideas in just five minutes. It took me longer to expand on each idea for this blog post. Seriously, if you need money, there’s a way to make that happen. I’d love to hear other ideas this post sparked. What tips for extra cash will you offer?