Feeling like self isolation is more like you’re “stuck at home”? Here’s some ideas to make this time more like a Stay-cation than being stuck at home.

Tip # 1: Make a List, Work the List

What have you been meaning to do around the house? What have you been meaning to do outside your house? What drawers, cabinets, closets, Stuck At Home Listattics, garages, sheds or anything else have you been planning to organize? Put it on the List. Then work your List. It will feel good to knock off one item after another.

Tip # 2: Finish What You Started

This could be anything! What craft project is waiting for you to finish? Do you have a pile of clothes that need some minor repairs, or maybe some sewing, knitting, crocheting, or other projects left half done? Paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, and more – are waiting to be complete. What about that novel or short story you started, that project in your home or garden, what is calling your name to come finish? This could even include a college class or degree, a certification, or some other educational opportunity. Make a list, work your list.

Tip # 3: Learn something new

Stuck at home could mean time on your hands to learn something new. What are you hankering to learn? It could be the perfect time to learn another language, maybe even sign language. Perhaps this is an opportunity to consider a new career field or a side gig. You can learn almost anything on the internet, plus everyone else is stuck at home, too, and would probably love to share with you by phone or video chat their knowledge. Some of us will be much better cooks, because we’re cooking from necessity, but we still want fabulous food.

Tip # 4: Do-It-Yourself

Before this season of self isolating, we hired out lots of things we didn’t have time to do. Now we have the chance to do it ourselves. Perhaps this is a good time to mow your own yard, clean your own home, repair your own cars, maybe even build your own furniture. How about a new design your backyard oasis. It’s a great time to try to do some of these things on our own.

Home WorkoutTip # 5: Take Care of Yourself

By self isolating, we’re taking care of our physical well-being, but perhaps you still need to a fitness routine. Even while stuck at home, you can walk and move your body. Get up and dance. And, even while stuck at home, we can socialize with others by phone, video and more. Socialization is required for us to feel good, so don’t neglect the socializing, just because it’s not in person. Lastly, but most important, spend some time in meditation and prayer to keep your spirit aligned with God.

Tip # 6: Watch What You Eat

When we’re bored, many of us eat – everything! That is a very bad plan. Eating right will make us feel better both now and later. This is also part of taking care of yourself, but this deserved it’s own topic. While we’re stuck at home, we don’t want to gain weight or lessen our immunity system. So, that means we need to plan and eat healthy meals, as much as possible.

Tip # 7: WATER!

Water is tip number seven for multiple reasons. First and foremost, wash your hands often with soap and water. We needed to be doing this all along, but now we need to do this now and forever. Secondly, take a regular shower. Even though you are stuck at home, that isn’t a reason to let yourself go. Clean up regularly! Lastly, drink lots of water, just another way to keep ourselves healthy, while we’re stuck at home!

For us, we’re studying up on investing in multi-family real estate. We’re trying new recipes, and we’re working to stay healthy while stuck at home. Hope you’re doing well in this stay at home adventure.