Home Updates

Doing updates to our homes throughout the time we live there will pay off in dividends when we’re ready to sell it. Unfortunately, homeowners often live comfortably in their homes, dreaming of improvements, that rarely happen. We all  get used to the paint color, the flooring, the kitchen and more. We often don’t even consider the need to do any improvements until we’re ready to sell, and the Realtor mentions that we may have to price our home lower, since it hasn’t  been updated since 19xx!

Here’s a few updates that we’ll all enjoy while we’re living there and that will increase the sales price when we’re ready to sell:

Kitchen Updates

Buyers fall in love with up-to-date kitchens. An out-of-date kitchen kills more deals than any other area of the house. The latest appliance colors, granite counters with a beautiful backsplash, up-to-date cabinetry, kitchen islands, and beautiful flooring in the kitchen increases the sales price. And, we all love making meals and entertaining in a beautiful kitchen.

Bathroom Updates

The Master Suite is another must-love by buyers. They’re looking for a large bedroom, attached bathroom, and closets. You can’t change the space issues in your house, but you can make sure it’s as up-to-date as possible. In the master bathroom, buyers are looking for double sinks, a custom shower, and a closet that will hold all their stuff. And, we would love all that, too, right now, while we’re living there. Making the master suite gorgeous will help your house sell faster and for a higher price.

Outdoor Living Area

Some buyers want a pool, some will not buy a house with a pool. Don’t put in a pool, unless that’s something you want! A pool lowers the number of buyers interested in seeing the home. Do create an outdoor living area, whether it’s a deck or a patio, with beautiful landscaping and comfortable areas to entertain in your backyard. Buyer who stop to imagine themselves enjoying your living space find themselves falling in love with a house. Create your dream outdoor living space – it’s a great investment.

Paint, Flooring, Lighting, and More

Preferred paint colors change over the years. Try to stay in step with the latest neutral paint colors. For years, the preferred color has  been a tan or light brown color, but recently that’s shifted to a light grey or silver color. Lighting and flooring styles change over the years. All of these things matter less than these first three updates mentioned, but take these into consideration if you’re updating these things as well.

We’re not suggesting constant updates to homes based on design whims you see in a magazine. The best ideas is to make your home the best it can be while you’re living in it. Make repairs as soon as they are needed. If homeowners make their dream home beautiful while they’re living there, the next homeowner will fall in love with it quickly too!