adventures-oldhouseAdventures in Real Estate

  • Hmmm, wonder what’s behind that door?
  • Ewwww, what’s that smell?
  • Yikes, hope nothing crawls out from underneath that pile of stuff?
  • Wow, check out this view?
  • Walk carefully, this doesn’t feel really solid, don’t want one of us to fall through!

adventures-dumpsterThat’s just the beginning, but we love this. The yuckier the home, the more fun it is to renovate it into a home someone wants for their forever home.  Even though we all react when we see, smell, or otherwise experience a distressed home, we try to see beyond that distress to the home it could become.

If you are the owner of one of these homes, we’d love to see your home. We can’t promise we will make an offer you’ll accept, but we’ll do our best to help you move forward in selling it, where it’s to us or someone else.

If there’s an abandoned home in your neighborhood, let us know the address. We’ll reach out to the owners to see if we can help them, because that helps the value of every home on the street.

Adventures in Real Estate

  1. We buy distressed homes. We transform them to beautiful homes. Someone falls in love with them and buys them as their family’s forever home.
  2. We buy beautiful homes. This usually happens when someone needs to stop making their mortgage payment immediately due to some kind of urgent life change. Little to no work is required on these homes, so we either list them to sell immediately, or we offer them to a family rent-to-own.
  3. We buy homes that are a really good deal and need very little work. These we may hold onto as a rental home, or offer them for sale to another landlord who is adding to their investment property portfolio.

Stay tuned for more Adventures in Real Estate in central Arkansas, as we help people sell their home fast for cash!