Laura Douglas, who owns with her husband, 1st Selection Home Inspection, visited with me on my Friday 2 pm Facebook Live recently. Here’s the video, plus a recap of the Sexy 6 inspection items that are most important that I mention in the video.

Home Inspections = Peace of Mind

A home inspection can bring peace of mind to both a buyer and a seller. One of the big concerns that many home buyers have when deciding to make an offer is this. How do I know if this home needs major repairs? I don’t want to buy a home only to find out that it needs a new roof or a whole electrical upgrade.

A home inspection can give you that peace of mind. But, home inspections aren’t just important for buyers. Home sellers should also consider getting a pre-sale inspection. Can you imagine the peace of mind a pre-sale inspection can bring to a seller? No anxiety worrying about the potential repairs your home may need and having to negotiate those after you have accepted an offer.

Sexy Six

I always tell sellers you need to be prepared to fix anything on the inspection report that falls in the Sexy 6, everything else is negotiable. And, I tell my buyers the same thing – you know you’re buying a used home, the inspection report is to let you know about major repairs and safety and health issues, not to negotiate all the things you dream of having in your home. The important items are this Sexy 6 list:

  • Structural Issues
  • HVAC
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Health & Safety Issues

If your home has a home warranty, have a home inspection done at 11 months, many needed repairs can be done through your home warranty before it expires!