I thought you might enjoy some tips of things you can do during this time at home.

  1. Turn on some music and dance … by yourself or with others.
  2. Plant flowers.Dancing at home
  3. Rake leaves.
  4. Clean out a closet, garage, attic, drawer.
  5. Box up things to donate.
  6. Read a book or magazine.
  7. Write in your journal.
  8. Put together a puzzle.
  9. Play a game.
  10. Cook a new recipe.
  11. Clean the inside of appliances.
  12. Take a bubble bath or long hot shower.
  13. Watch a movie.
  14. Take a walk.
  15. Jump on a trampoline.
  16. Repot house plants.
  17. Listen to a podcast.
  18. Bake a treat.
  19. Wash your car or truck.
  20. Spend time in prayer.
  21. Write a letter or postcard, and mail it.
  22. Call a friend or family member.
  23. Play solitaire.
  24. Grill some meat.
  25. Sing a song.
  26. Puzzle at HomeLearn a new skill.
  27. Frame some photos.
  28. Sit outside on your porch or patio.
  29. Have a picnic at home.
  30. Mix a cocktail.
  31. Color a picture.
  32. Paint a wall.
  33. Plant a garden.
  34. Sew masks.
  35. Start a business.
  36. Pop some popcorn.
  37. Watch the birds and animals around you.

That’s what I could think of in just a few minutes. What else can you recommend as a tip for this time at home?