In my weekly Facebook show, “Your Best Year Ever”, I invite another person, usually a successful female entrepreneur, to share their best advice for becoming a success with my audience. I hope you enjoy this chat I had with Julie Duvall of Bath Bombshell by Julie Duvall, sharing “3 Tips for Becoming the Best You”.  Enjoy this video!

3 Tips for Becoming the Best You Possible

Here’s the Three Tips

  1. Embrace Your Uniqueness
  2. Observe (And Listen Even More)
  3. You Are Enough, More Than Enough For This Opportunity

Tip 1: Embrace Your Uniqueness

It’s easy to despise our differences, especially at younger ages, when we’d prefer to fit in, rather than stand out! If we could only train our children and grandchildren to be comfortable with differences, they would be more comfortable in their own skin. But, that starts with us, we as adults have to embrace our uniqueness, while encouraging others to do the same.

Our uniqueness can be in our skills, talents, or appearance. Girls with curly hair, admire girls with straight hair. I’m a spreadsheet girl, and I love the artistic and creative talents of my friends, wishing I had even a little bit of those. When we embrace our uniqueness, we become more successful at whatever we pursue.

Tip 2: Observe (And Listen Even More)

In life, it seems we all like to share our viewpoint, our story, and our advice. Often, in conversations, we are thinking about our next response, instead of really listening to the other person talking. This tip is huge  … listen more than you speak, and instead of thinking about your response, really listen while observing the person. As others feel really heard, they’ll open up more and more, trusting you with more information. Observing helps us learn more than the words they say. This is a skill that will serve you will, so practice it often until it becomes your natural response to every conversation you are party to!

Tip 3: You Are Enough, More than Enough for this Opportunity

Many of us are a little afraid, maybe even alot afraid, when new opportunities arise, wondering if we can do it. Maybe I’m not smart enough, maybe I’m not strong enough, maybe I’m not determined enough. What will happen if I fail? Here’s what you need to know that you know. You are enough, more than enough for any opportunity in front of you. We may not always succeed, and even when we fail, we’re moving toward becoming a better version of ourselves.

What’s a tip you’d give a younger you to Become the Best You Ever?