buildingWhen you think about your dream home, do you imagine building it yourself, or can you find what you’re looking for listed on the MLS?

Building Your Own Home

If you have very specific ideas about the layout and features of your home that aren’t readily available in your current area, then you may have to build to get exactly what you want. Compromises are easy to make for a few things, but if you have lots of specifics you want, new construction may be the way to go.

Facing the Challenge

There are special challenges to doing this. First, is your relationship strong? We’ve had more than a few friends who got divorced from the stress of building their own home. Second, home construction requires some extra arrangements. You have to buy the land, buy or create a home design plan, obtain a construction home, and maintain your current residence, while building your new home. Lastly, do you have or can you find a general contractor who understands your vision and who you can trust to complete the project within time and budget. Every project has some surprises, so you definitely want a general contractor who has a good track record already.

Shopping for a Home

I’d think the first step is to look at what’s available in your area now. You might be surprised to find something that’s very close to your dream home that might just need a little work to make it perfect. At the very least, you’ll see discover what you like and dislike while viewing homes on the market, so your vision for your new home is becoming more specific.

Whether you decide to build or buy, it’s always fun moving into a new home. Let us know if we can offer you a quote on your house you’re moving out of. Good luck!