I start a lot of my blogs with this title, because that’s the people who need to find us. Who do you know who needs to sell their house fast for any reason? That’s the people who need to call Best REI.

Best REI, Buying Houses since 2017 in Central Arkansas

Are you getting divorced and need to sell your house to split the profits? We can buy your house.

Did you inherit a house that no one in the family wants to live in? Perhaps it’s full of stuff that needs to be tossed. We can buy your house full of stuff. Just sell it to us, and we’ll get rid of what you don’t want, saving you time and money

Does your home need repairs or updates that you don’t have the time and/or money to do? We will buy your house as is.

Sometimes, You Just Need Someone to Buy a  House Fast

Whether your house is pretty or ugly, we can make you an offer. It’s always your choice whether to accept our offer or not. Our goal is always to make a fair offer.

If you’ve listed a house with a Realtor for a long time, and it hasn’t sold yet, tell your Realtor to call us. We buy houses that won’t sell on the MLS. If you’ve had it listed, but now it’s expired, definitely call us. We can solve that problem.

Need a Realtor to Sell Your House Fast

That’s us, too. Since we flip houses, we know exactly what it takes to sell a house fast. Call our Realtor, Judy Best! She’d love to help you sell your house fast on the MLS.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, in central Arkansas, we’re the people to call no matter what real estate problem you face. Our goal is to restore hope to people who have lost hope in selling their property.

Real Estate Problem in Central Arkansas or Anywhere

In fact, no matter where you are, if you have a real estate problem, we can probably help you. We aren’t limited to Arkansas. It’s easy for us to have Chester st soldboots on the ground to solve this problem anywhere. Just call us and we’ll figure out how to help you!

Contractors Who Need Steady Work

All these homes we buy need work done on them. We don’t do our own work. Contractors and their crews stay busy all year long working on Best REI homes, so it’s a steady paycheck. Call us if this sounds like a gig you’d enjoy. You have to have your own licenses and insurance, plus we need quality workmanship.

Want to Buy a House, but No Down Payment, Credit Problems

We frequently offer homes to people just like you who want a path to home ownership. The houses are nice, so we like to find nice people who would like to get started buying their home while leasing from us.

The Lease Purchase Option requires a little higher option fee than a normal deposit, but that option fee becomes part of your down payment when you exercise the purchase option. And, we connect you with one of our mortgage lender friends who advises you in correcting your credit problem, so you can qualify for a mortgage when you’re ready to exercise that option.

People Who Fund Our Flips

If you are our friend, and you’d like to earn higher interest on your investment, we’d love to talk to you about the opportunity to invest in our flips. Just another way our business helps our friends!

I hope you find us when you need us. But, even more than that, I hope you’ll remember to recommend us when your friends or family members need us. We buy houses … everywhere.