We’ve been in this real estate business for a while, so we’ve seen a thing or two. LOL, that Farmer’s Insurance commercial makes me smile every time it comes on the TV, but it’s true in any business. We knew there were lots of people who needed to sell their homes fast for lots of different reasons, but now those people are real to us. As we offered them win-win opportunities to buy their homes and restore their hope for a future, we loved this business even more. Helping others solve their problems is another wonderful thing about this business, so here’s some of their stories: maumelle-ar-front-right

Relocating For a New Job, Doesn’t Want Two Mortgages

This homeowner had a great job with a lovely home, and he was pleased with a nice promotion that required a move to another city or state. He figured that after he listed the house with a Realtor, paid his monthly mortgage while it was being sold, as well as monthly utilities, taxes, and repairs, and paid Realtor commissions, that he might as well sell it to us at a fast lower price. That amount was about what he expected to have after all those expenses anyway.

He moved on to his new job without the headache of dealing with selling his previous home, and he was able to buy right away in the new area, since he was cashed out on that house. We were able to do very minor repairs, list the house, and sell it in a short amount of time. We know what it takes to sell a house fast, so this was a win-win for us and him.

The same thing happens when someone wants to move to another state for any reason, including downsizing, following family members who are moving, and more. We simply make them a top dollar offer for their existing home, so they can move on to their next home easily.

3 bedroom 2 bath houseNeed to Sell Fast for a Divorce

This beautiful home was abandoned during a divorce, when they both moved on, and they just needed it sold fast. It was filled with stuff neither party wanted, and they were thrilled to sell it to us, as we always offer cash for keys, no need to clean out the house. This was one of our favorite remodels, in a lovely neighborhood. The backyard was covered in ivy with lots of trees, so it was fun restoring that backyard for family fun, removing the ivy plus lots of trees.

Probate Home, Inherited Home Unwanted

We buy a lot of these homes from family members who inherit homes that haven’t been updated in decades. These heirs already own their own homes, so they don’t plan to live in these homes. They just want to get a fair price for their home, without them having to clear out everything in the home and doing updates and repairs. The time and costs to get their homes updated to sell for top dollar is more than they can bear, so they love our offers. We give them the top dollar we can, based on the repair and update costs, plus again we’re willing to clean out all the unwanted things filling the homes, saving them both time and money.

We can buy homes like these anywhere, so lots of folks call us first when they inherit a home they don’t want. We don’t mind traveling to review houses and make offers to restore hope and buy a house fast.

New Marriage, We Both Have a House

A new marriage is celebrated, but sometimes it’s complicated when both spouses already own a house.  That’s easily solved if one or both of the homes are in great shape and ready to list with a Realtor. When updates and repairs are needed to sell for top dollar, we can offer them a top dollar before those updates and repairs.

Sometimes homeowners start those update and repairs, then find themselves over their heads in the work. One of our homes were purchased from a homeowner who started removing the popcorn ceiling in his home, but quickly found that so much time spent on a ladder wasn’t feasible at his age. Unfortunately, after the work had been started, the home was almost impossible to sell through a Realtor. He was thrilled to move on and leave the work for us.

The home could also simply be in an undesirable neighborhood or, the homeowner may be underwater with the mortgage, so the home is over priced. In situations like this, it’s almost impossible to sell the home fast through a Realtor. Even in these situations, we can make an offer to buy your house fast. The house may then become a rental, but this is just another way we offer a creative solution for these real estate problems.

Medical Problems, Buy My House Fast

Our most recent purchase was just this. The homeowner had experienced a medical issue that left him in a wheelchair permanently, and he and his wife owned a two-story home with all the bedrooms upstairs. With all the medical bills, they didn’t have the funds to maintain the home over those years. They tried to find an affordable solution to solve that problem, but none was found, so they just hoped for someone to knock on their door or call their phone asking to buy their home.

When some folks were complaining on Next Door about calls they were getting from people asking if they wanted to sell, I replied that lots of Realtors and real estate investors make those calls, just to find the people who want to sell. All they had to say was, I’m not interested, and the 2315 Chester Newperson would move on to their next call. The homeowner saw that Next Door thread, then contacted me directly asking if I would make him an offer on his home. We did, and they’re now living in a one-story home, that’s wheelchair accessible, and we’re beginning work to remodel this home we bought from him.

We Buy Houses Fast

I wrote all this just to remove the stigma from real estate investors. Lots of people have been approached by other investors who just make lowball offers on their homes. Sometimes they put a property under contract, saying they’re going to buy it, but then back out of the contract never closing as promised.

Our goal with every offer is to close if at all possible. The only reason we don’t close after having a home under contract is if the home inspection BestREI teamreveals problems we were unaware of during the offer process. In that case, we explain what we found and how it impacts our offer and ability to buy the house. Sometimes the repair costs are just too high to move forward in buying the house. Other times, we can buy it, but at a lower price, considering the additional repairs we now know are required.

We love solving real estate problems. Folks who need to sell a house fast for any reason need to call us first, because we always make the best offer we can, using multiple creative solutions that work. Usually we offer several prices and ways to buy, so the homeowner can choose the price and purchase method that works best for them and their situation.