Yes, Virginia, we will buy your house!

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Will you buy my house for a dollar, will you buy my house in a holler?

I’ve definitely fallen back into my childhood in this blog post, reminiscing about that little girl named Virginia who wanted to know if Santa Claus was real, and, of course, the delightful ramblings of Dr. Seuss. Just a fun way to answer this question we’re asked frequently, will you buy my house fast?

We receive calls every week from people who want and need to sell their homes. Some of these homes are pretty with a retail price, and some of these homes are distressed, needing lots of work to make that home ready for their next family. And, sometimes the home is just not worth as much as you still owe on your mortgage, which makes you feel hopeless selling your home. No worries, we have a solution for all these situations.


     Underwater with Mortgage
          Please buy my home …

I’m starting with this last situation first, because I know you need the help we offer the most. Do you owe more than your home is worth? Perhaps you’re behind in your payments. And, sometimes you may feel the best choice is to just walk away from your home. Is that true for you? If so, call us at 501-777-5788. Each person’s situation is different, so we’ll need to visit with you, review your mortgage, and tour your home. At that point, we can review all your options with you. There is always more than one way to solve your problem, and sometimes it just helps to tell someone you’re in trouble and need help. Give us a call, and we’ll make you an offer, plus offer you other resources. Our goal is to restore hope to every situation!

Ugly Home

     Distressed Home
         Please buy my home …

Bad things happen to good people! And, sometimes bad things happen, because we just didn’t know something. It doesn’t matter why your home is falling apart, we can help. Whether it’s your broken home, or it’s a broken home you’ve inherited, we can offer you some solutions. We buy houses as is. You do not have to do any repairs. You do not even have to clear out stuff. When we buy your distressed house, you just take the things you want from the house, then hand us the keys at closing.

We know the work of clearing out an inherited home is overwhelming. (Note to self and others: Don’t let stuff pile up in closets, drawers and room. Throw things away, donate them to Goodwill, and sell them in a garage sale. No one wants to deal with all your stuff after you are gone.) We encourage family members to take everything they want, especially those things that spark joy and bring back great memories. Then leave the rest of that clearing out and cleaning home to us.

Pretty House

     I know my house is worth this price!
          Please buy my home …

When we’ve lived in a home for lots of years, and we’ve added lots of extras to it, we believe our home is worth the highest price in the whole neighborhood. That may be true for you – because you love that house. You know it’s worth that much! But, the market tells you something different. Your house has been for sale for months, with only a few showings, and the only offers have been too low. In that case, the market is telling you that your price is too high. The only reason houses do not sell is that the price is too high for a house in this condition in this neighborhood for this market. You’ll know your price is right when you have 6-8 showings per week and offers start flowing in. So, you have three options in this situation – lower your price …. call us at 501-777-5788 … or keep your house. If you decide to keep your house, you can either continue to live there or rent it out. That’s easy, here’s more about the other two options.

Lower Your Listing Price

Just lower your price $500 or $1,000 every two weeks, until you have 6-8 showings per week. Within a couple weeks of that happening, you’ll have an offer you can accept. If the price gets lower than what you are willing to take, you’re back to only two options – calling us or keeping the house. I encourage you to talk to a Realtor, like myself. We can usually recommend a price the market can bear before you every list the house, so you can make this decision before ever listing it. If you simply don’t agree with your Realtor’s recommendation, they may still list it for you, but you must be willing to lower the price until you get the showings in order to actually sell it. In most cases, you’ll find the Realtor’s professional opinion was wise!

Call Us at 501-777-5788

We treat everyone with respect, and our goal is to offer you multiple win-win options to sell your house fast. And, it’s always still your choice – you can choose one of the options we offer, or you can keep your house. We do buy pretty houses with high prices. Not all investors buy pretty houses, but we do. We have lots of creative solutions to problems like these, so you may be intrigued by the solutions we offer.

The funnest thing about being a real estate investor is seeing the smiles and relief of homeowners who felt like they were Stuck with Their Homes. We fill like Santa Claus … maybe that’s why I started this blog post with that famous line from an article in the New York Sun so many years ago.

Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia, we’ll make an offer to buy your house.

If you are serious about selling your house, call us. We buy your house as is, we can close fast, and you don’t have to clear it out, clean it, or make any repairs. We pay cash for the keys to your house! And, not just in Little Rock, Arkansas. No matter where you live, we’d like to buy your house.

Oh, the Places We will Go!

Yep, had to end this blog post with another taste of Dr. Seuss as well. Hope you’re smiling!