Who among my friends are growing a business in hopes of passing it on to their children? Yes, our parents worked for a pension to enjoy in their retirement years. Our generation is working to pass a legacy on to our families. That all changed when we decided to help those who needed someone to buy my house.

Roger and I both owned businesses we ran and operated before starting our real estate business. Judy Best Vacations was my business, and Roger Buy My Housestill has Biztek Connection. Neither of our kids had an interest in owning and/or operating either of those businesses.

Best REI begins

When these businesses were running successfully without our constant attention, we started dreaming about our future. That’s when we started researching the opportunities available through real estate investment. We quickly found an exciting opportunity to pursue in real estate investment, so we hit the ground running. All the while, we chatted about our kids joining us in this business at some point.

After spending almost a year learning and practicing our new skills on buying real estate, we found we loved the business. It didn’t take long to realize that one of us needed to become a Realtor, so I quickly raised my hand and got that license. That license literally opened lots more doors to deals for our business.

Judy Best, Realtor begins …

I loved being a Realtor, so I quickly sold Judy Best Vacations to start helping others with their real estate needs full-time. Roger merged Biztek Connection with another local company, which included a new partner, Daron Plummer, who now oversees it’s daily management and operations.

Buy My HouseWhen we first started Best REI, I think our kids were skeptical, wondering if we had lost our minds. As we flipped house after house, growing our business, they too became believers and were excited about what the future holds for all of us. We continually shared our vision of this becoming a family business that everyone would loved.

Our son, Eric, joins the business ….

Last fall, our son, Eric, was the first to join us in the business as our property and acquisition manager. Our goal was to double our production with his help. He decided a Realtor license would help him acquire more properties on his own, so he knocked that out as well. Now he’s partnering with me on The Best Team of Realtors, and he’s a great asset to our Best REI team.

Then this pandemic hit. Everything slowed down, but we were still working the business and thriving. Our projects took longer to complete during this season, but we continued finishing them and selling them.

Best REI moves …

As our lease was ending at our current building, we made plans to move to our own building north of the river, closer to our homes. As our Realtor team and Best REI were ramping up even more, we needed full-time administrative and operational support for all three of our businesses.

Our Daughter, Rachel, joins the business …

Luckily, our daughter, Rachel, and her husband were moving to their new Sherwood home, and she was ready to tackle this Operations Manager Buy My Houserole. And, she’s wrapping up her application process to join The Best Team of Realtors, as well.

We’re so exciting to see our dreams coming true. Our goal with Best REI was more than just being a family business. We wanted to provide hope to everyone, whether they had a house they desperately needed to sell or they simply needed a path to home ownership themselves. As we renovate homes, we’re also increasing the values of the other homes in the neighborhood.

Another fun part of this business is helping others get started in this business too. We love offering advice to new investors and helping them succeed in the business. I’m growing The Best Team of Realtors, to help others get started in a fun and profitable career as well. Nothing is more fun than helping someone else succeed.

How can we help you?

If you desperately need to sell your home, we’d love to make an offer to buy it from you or help you sell it on the MLS.

If you need to sell your home, we can help you sell it fast, one way or another!

If you need a new career or a new investment opportunity, we can help you with either of those.

When you need help, call Best REI and The Best Team of Realtors!