Our job is to visit every home we might buy to see what’s great about it, what repairs are needed, and how we can help the owner sell it. Our goal is to have a win-win solution, where both the homeowner and we achieve our goals. But, every house and situation is unique, so our solutions vary from one homeowner to the next.

One thing that is consistent is we try to offer the homeowner three different offers, so they can choose the one that works best for them. This is one way we achieve a win-win solution in every deal. The choice is totally up to the homeowner; we’ll accept whichever option they choose. Homeowners have lots of options, so let’s review a few of those right here.

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List the House with a Realtor

The obvious best solution is to list their home with a Realtor, like our very own, Judy Best, with iRealty Arkansas. If a home is in good shape and you price it right for the market conditions, listing it with a Realtor will give you the best price if you have time to wait for the closing date. Even if it sells quickly, there’s still at least a three to four week period where the buyers are completing their inspections and wrapping up their financing.

Sell it For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

The only upside to selling your home on your own is to avoid real estate commissions. In our area, those total about six percent of the purchase price. Those commissions are shared by several people – the listing broker, the listing agent, the selling broker, and the selling agent. The listing agent also covers the cost of professional photos, perhaps a video, and all the marketing of your house. All of that is no charge when you list with a Realtor, but these are your expense with a FSBO.

The downside to FSBO is you have to open your home to strangers, who want to tour it. You have to negotiate the price yourself and negotiate with buyers about any repairs they want after the inspection. You also have to open your home for the inspection and the appraisal, as well as make arrangements with a title company for the closing. These are all things the Realtor handles for you.

That said, the one time when a FSBO is a pretty good option is when you’re selling to a family member or close friend. All of these things are no big deal when you already know someone close who wants to buy your home. If you don’t know someone who already wants to buy it like that, the Realtor has accesses to lots of buyers to show your home.CloseupTeam

Call a Real Estate Investor, like Us

When you need to sell your house fast, or if your home needs lots of repairs, we’re probably your best option. If your house is in great shape, but you need to sell it fast, we can offer you a higher price than what we offer for homes that need repairs. When you list a house that needs lots of repairs with a Realtor, it will likely sit on the market for a long time, and the price will have to be dropped repeatedly until you hit the price someone will pay for a house that needs those repairs. (If this is already happening to you, please call us – we can help!)

We handle all the closing details and most of the costs. In fact, if your house is full of stuff that needs to be discarded, when you accept our offer, we’ll do that cleanup work for you. That’s an added benefit to selling your house to us.

We’d love to help you by making an offer on your home or listing your home for sale. Either way, we’d love to talk to you!