City Lights & Country Nights

When I was a kid, I got to spend a week or two with my country cousins on their farm in a town about an hour and half of curvy miles away from our city. I loved those weeks, but there was a clear difference between my cousins and me. They got up early to knock out their chores on the farm. I really wanted to sleep in every day, and I suspect I dragged along with them being more of burden than a blessing.

My city skin was a magnet for mosquitos, so I carried a can of Off bug spray with me every where I went. My cousins constantly teased me, do you have your can of Off with you? They still say that when we get together even though we’re all grown now. (We took a cruise with a friend a few years ago, and every time we saw him, he had a can of beer in his hand. We started asking, Where’s your beer, Bob?)

All of that to say, we all have a preferred place to live. So, let’s look at some great places in different places to make your own. I’d love for you to comment on your favorite:

Beach House – Where I would love to wake up every day!

Life on the Beach

Farm – Where some of my cousins still live!

Farm Life

Ranch – I have friends who love their ranch living!

Life on the Ranch

Downtown – We spent many years living in the middle of the city. Loved walking around the city!

City Life

One last side note, this all reminded me of the theme song to Green Acres. Sing along with me if you remember the tune –

Green acres is the place for me
Farm livin’ is the life for me
Land spreadin’ out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside

New York is where I’d rather stay
I get allergic smelling hay
I just adore a penthouse view
Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue

…The chores
…The stores
…Fresh air
…Times Square

You are my wife
Goodbye city life
Green Acres we are there

Let me know if that was as fun for you, as it was for me!