I feel like I need to make a disclaimer at the very beginning of this blog post. I don’t clean my own house. My housekeeper has been with us almost all the years we’ve lived in central Arkansas, so almost 20 years. She keeps our house beautiful, so I don’t have to be concerned about that. Because of that, though, I know clean – I just don’t know the best way to accomplish it. She’s been with us so long, she’s not only a friend, but also a part of our family.

Cleaning After A Remodel

One of the few downsides of remodeling a home is all the construction dust. But, that’s easily fixed. If you’re like me, just hire it done. Otherwise, here’s a few steps to get it all:

  1. Walls – If the walls are fresh painted, just give them a dry dust to pick up any extra construction dust. Otherwise, wipe them down with a wet cloth. Don’t forget to do the same with your baseboard and crown molding.
  2. Floors – Vacuum the carpeted floors, mop the other floors. That’s the part we’re used to on a weekly basis.
  3. Light Fixtures – If you replaced these, dust them off. If you didn’t, give them a good wash. Don’t forget to give your ceiling fan blades a good cleaning.
  4. Windows – Let the sun shine in by giving those windows a good shine. Dust settles on those, too, as well as hand prints, so give those the attention they need. And, don’t forget to wash the curtains and dust the blinds.
  5. Vents – Unscrew and remove the vents to wash them down good. A dusty vents are often missed, but eyes are drawn right to them when everything else is beautiful after a remodel.
  6. Horizontal Surfaces – Construction dust settles on every horizontal surfaces, so dust your window sills, above your door posts, on top the refrigerator, on top the ceiling fan. If it’s horizontal, run your dusting cloth over the top of it. Nothing is worse, than running your hand across a surface and coming up with a pile of dust.
  7. Air Filters – Make sure to put in new ones. Sometimes these get removed during the construction process, so it’s the perfect time to replace them.

Most contractors will clean up their materials and tools, but few of them do this type of cleaning. So, hire it done, or tackle it yourself. It’s the last step before enjoying your beautiful new home!