We’ve all heard this saying time and again and there’s no denying it’s importance. As you begin your home buying journey, location must be one of your first considerations. I know you already have several things in mind for your new home— how many bedrooms and baths, open concept versus a charming home with history, etc.— but all these things can be changed. Location cannot be. You absolutely don’t want to fall in love with a home that it’s a flood zone or in a bad school district.


Before you start looking at homes, narrow down what cities and towns work for you. Next, narrow it down further to what neighborhood, what school district,  proximity to public transportation, and more. Otherwise, your dream home may become a disappointment as you realize these things are more important than your bedroom suite.

Start with a map of your area, and just cross out the areas where you already know you don’t want to live. Then highlight the areas that really appeal to you. Do you want to live on a golf course or in a neighborhood with a community pool and greenspace? Do you want to live in an area where you can walk to neighborhood attractions? Or do you prefer to live in the country, maybe without any neighboring homes in sight?

Check out the school districts, and find the areas on the map with the best school districts. Check out the crime statistics in your community. Safety is an important concern, so finding the neighborhoods you can afford with the lowest rate of crime is mandatory. If public transportation availability is important to you, then mark the areas on the map where you can catch a public ride easiest.

Then drive through some of these neighborhoods. Are the lawns manicured? Are there old cars in yards or sitting in the street? Study the homes in each neighborhood, because neighborhoods tend to take on the character of the people who choose to live there. Are the houses the style you prefer?

Create list of the locations that fit your needs, then focus on homes only in those areas. Your dream home in your perfect location … priceless!