My friend, Selena Ulasewich, a coach with Impact Life Coaching, joined me last week to chat about Creating Margin for More Joyous Holiday Season. Hope you enjoy the video:

Selena used the book, Margin, by Richard Swenson, for a recent coaching book club. If you’d be interested in joining one of these, check it out here. Here’s our show notes:

Tip 1: Leave Space. Don’t pack your calendar. Mark off time if needed to allow time for joy.

Tip 2: Choose between the Good and the Best. There’s lots of good things, but don’t neglect the best!

Tip 3: Remember the Reason for the Season — celebration, gratitude, giving, blessing others!

Tip 4: Set Limits: Good for you, your kids and your family.

Tip 5: Unplug – from all your devices and electronics. Plug in – relationships and rest.