Like everyone else, we’re trying to reach the people who need or want our services. One of the way we accomplish that is to buy mailing lists, which are drawn from the tax records. We send a series of six letters to each person on the list, with hopes that one or more of those will reach the eyes of someone who wants to sell a property.

Each postcard and letter has a way you can reach us, because we want to hear from you if you want our services as well as if you want your name removed from the list. We send lots of letters every week, so if you call and get our voicemail, please tell us the address where it was mailed. That assures we have the number to take your name and address off the mailing list.

That said, read the letter, look at our website, check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. You may find something there that may help someone you know and love, even if you aren’t personally interested.

We help folks who need to sell their homes fast.

There’s lots of reasons this happens. It could just be a landlord who is ready to sell off their portfolio. Couples who need to upsize and downsize may need our services. And folks who are relocating due to their job may need to liquidate quickly. We’ll make an offer – you decide if it’s what you want.

We offer hope to folks whose credit isn’t good enough for a mortgage yet.

We buys some houses to hold onto, that we then make available with a lease and a purchase contract. With these houses, our goal is to put someone in this house who will quality for a mortgage in a couple years under the guidance of a mortgage lender. If they do what the lender advises, they can own the home they’re living in within two years. We call that … hope!

The homes we renovate sell for a higher per square foot price, increasing every home’s value in that neighborhood.

That old vacant home in the neighborhood is not only an eyesore. It’s also bringing down the values in the entire neighborhood. And, it’s especially a blight to the next door neighbors. When we renovate one of these homes, then sell it for a full retail price, it increases the valuations of every home in the neighborhood.



We assist folks who want to earn a higher interest rate on their available funds.

Nowadays, the interest rates offered for CDs and savings account are so low, it’s almost negligible. We offer friends the opportunity to invest in our real estate projects for a nice interest rate for a short-term investment secured my real estate. Our friends who do this, invest in project after project, because they love the interest they’re earning at Best REI. This allows us to do more of the above!

Anyway, that’s why you got that letter. If you’re not interested, pass it on to a friend you know who might be interested, or just drop it in File 13. We still want to be your friends!