Nothing is more frustrating to me than going to my tool box or drawer to get something I need and find it’s not there. Hopefully it’s laying nearby where I used it recently for another project, but sometimes I end up wasting valuable time looking for it again. If this rings true with you, especially for getting your kids off to school and church without constant frantic searches, here’s some ideas.

The Same Things, Every Visit

I’m a mom and a Mimi – that’s my Grandma name. We live in a really big house, with lots of nooks and crannies, plus lots of closets and drawers. And, my two littles are Olivia and Octavia. My littles love routines. Every time they come to visit, they ask if we’re doing the same things they love. Are we going for pizza? Can we go play at the park? Is the pool open? Are we going to take a bubble bath? They love doing the same things they enjoyed the last time.

Routines Eliminate Frantic Searches

Since they loved routines, I added some other routines to help us get out the door when we’re ready to leave. I have one place their shoes always go. They don’t always remember that routine, because it’s so much easier kicking those shoes off wherever we’re standing and keep rolling. When I find those shoes somewhere other than the designated spot, I calmly call their names, point to their shoes and smile, and they put them in their place. They love when I say thanks for putting them where they go.

The same routine should be in place for where backpacks go when you come in from school to do your homework. Plus, it may have another place it goes when it’s packed and ready to go back to school the next morning. Dirty clothes should have their hamper or bag. Coats, hats and gloves need a  designated spot as well.

Teach the Kids the Routines

Kids love routines, that’s why their teachers all have set routines for everything that happens in their classes. And, those kids are following those routines. Parents just need to be diligent about reminding them where things go instantly when they see something laying out of place, and calmly ask the kids to correct the situation. After doing that consistently for a few weeks, you and your kids will have calmer mornings, as they can find everything they need to head out the door without frantic searching.

You can thank me later!