Tips on Remodeling

After remodeling so many homes, we have some idea what’s going to slow us down or cause us not to achieve our deadline. One of the top culprits is … Cabinetry!

Order Cabinetry First!

If you’re remodeling your home, especially your kitchen and/or bathrooms, get your cabinet quotes first and order them immediately. Cabinet is intrigue work, done by craftsmen, who are booked. They don’t rush your order, but it’s beautiful when it arrives. That said, the cabinet work has not arrived on time in the last three homes, even when we ordered it first. (If you are one of these tradesmen who delivers on time, please give us a call. We’d love to talk to you!)

Tips to Save Money on Your Cabinetry

We’ve learned a lot as we’ve remodeled all these houses. First, just painting or staining your cabinets a different color that’s more up-to-date makes your kitchen look great.

Second, if you have the old style cabinetry with visible hinges, and your cabinets are otherwise in good shape, you can simply order new cabinet doors to be installed with the invisible hinges. You can still use a new color with these as well.

Third, just updating your door knobs and drawer pulls may be enough to give your kitchen a beautiful update. If your kitchen had brass or golden knobs and pulls, updating to nickel will give your kitchen a whole new look.

Running Short on Materials

Always order more materials than you need. Paint, flooring, shingles, backsplash tile, and more – when you run out of these in the middle of a job, you lose time just running to pick up more. Even worse, when you get to the store to find out their now sold out of that material, and you have to pay a premium to rush order more or wait for it to arrive normally.

These are just a few things we have run into during home remodels. Do you have any other things that slowed you down in a remodel. We’d love to hear what you’ve experienced, too!