InspirationNeed some inspiration? Inspiration is perhaps the most valuable commodity sought after by people from every walk of life. Getting inspired can be a challenge, and finding inspiration sometimes seems hopeless. Fortunately, there’s some time proven ways to accomplish just that, so let’s get inspired:

Get out in Nature

This can be as simple as taking a walk or going for a job. It can be a stroll downtown or a hike around a lake. Action physically energizes you both mentally and physically. Action allows your mind to eliminate distractions, slowing down to see the world in a different way. Just getting outside shifts your mindset, allowing you to dream of new possibilities and opportunities. Do it daily!

A Cup of Coffee

Caffeine is the lifeblood for lots of people, but I’m talking about more than a cup of coffee from your break room or your home Keurig. Just like a walk outside, a visit to the local coffee shop, where you sit down to enjoy your favorite drink – whether coffee, tea, or even decaf – gives you a new perspective. Inspiration may spring up from something you see, overhear, or even just running into an old friend and sharing a few words. It’s all about opening yourself to a different experience in the moment.


Reading is now at a our fingertips. E-books, blogs, and news are all just a few clicks away right on our favorite devices. Need inspiration? Google a blog, check out some news about your interests, visit your Pinterest feed.

Play a Game

Finding inspiration should never be boring. Some of the best sparks of inspiration come while you’re enjoying yourself. Your brain relaxes and suddenly inspiration abounds. Play a video or board game with your kids or friends. Put together a puzzle. Art can be a wonderful source of inspiration. Just walking through a gallery or museum is easy. For others, relaxing while you draw, craft or paint, creates an opportunity for inspiration.


This may sound silly, but it’s a technique used frequently to get unstuck. Whether you’re scribbling a drawing or words or a list, again your brain starts thinking differently.

The whole idea is freeing your mind from striving for inspiration to simply creating a opening for inspiration to seep in. When you relax your mind, stop trying to solve your problems, you’ll find your mind fills with creative solutions, including dreams that inspire you. Relax to enjoy inspiration in your life!