Flipping Central Arkansas

2315 Chester OldWe started work on our latest property, 2315 S Chester, Little Rock, Arkansas, a couple of weeks ago, and we just don’t see much progress. Progress is happening, even though it’s not really visible yet. First, the foundation was strengthened – this house now has a great foundation, and here’s what happened next!

Fireplace Removal

This house had three fireplaces, two on the first floor, and one in a bedroom on the second floor. This is a three bedroom house, and the fireplace was not in the master suite, so we decided to remove the fireplace from the bedroom to make it easier to furnish and decorate. This also solves the problem of a fireplace being an issue for a family who needs that bedroom for a child.

Painting the Exterior of the House

The painter’s assistant has been taping off windows for days. This two-story Craftsman house has lots and lots of windows, and the light pours into this grand old house. Painting begins tomorrow. The previous owners had painted this house Pea Soup Green and Baby Poop Brown, and, as those descriptive words imply, we are not happy with those colors. The new colors are Revere Pewter for the body of the house and White Dove for the trim. I can’t wait to share pictures of this beautiful home after the painting is complete. Stay tuned!

Wood Floors Galore

This week, our floor guy has been diligently stripping the wood floors, and there are lots of wood floors in this home. Next week, he’ll be resealing, so soon I’ll have before and after pics of the refinished wood floors to share with you. Here are what the hardwood floors look like today.


When we turned on the water, there was a leak somewhere, so a plumber quickly arrived to diagnose the issue. He’ll be in next week to make everything new, so this house is going to be a great home for some lucky family really soon!

If you missed my previous updates, here’s week 1 and week 2 of the 2315 S Chester remodel. Would you like to own this home? If so, we’d love to talk to you!