Our latest renovation project, 2315 S Chester, Little Rock, Arkansas, had three outdated fireplaces. Two fireplaces were in first floor living areas, and the third fireplace was located in one of the bedrooms on the second floor. All three needed to be updated in order to add to the beauty of this historic home.

The Bedroom Fireplace

I would have loved to that fireplace in the master suite, but it was in one of the other two bedrooms. That creates two problems. First, if a family purchased this home, then this bedroom could be a children’s room, where a fireplace could be a problem. Second, taking a wall for the fireplace created barriers to creatively decorating the room. So, we decided to remove the fireplace from the bedroom.

Here’s how it looked right after they demoed the fireplace and sheet rocked the wall to paint. This was all done in one day. I thought it would have been a lot more work than that, but it was gone fast.



And, here’s what the rooms looks like after the trim is added and the wall is painted. This bedroom will be so much easier to decorate now.



The First Floor Fireplaces

There are two living areas on the first floor. The front door opens into one, which we are calling the hearth room. Then to the left of the front door is another living room – which we’re calling the living room. I’m sure these fireplaces provided heat to the home when it was built in the 1920s. Now they’re mainly decorative, as many folks feel like gas logs are a waste on their utility bills. But, these fireplaces add so much character and beauty to these rooms, I just wanted to show you the before and after pictures of how we remodeled both these first floor fireplaces.

Before – Hearth Room                             After – Hearth Room







Before Living Room                               After Living Room







I’d love to hear about your fireplace, what you’d like to do with them, or what you’ve already done.