As we say goodbye to this year and hello to next year, so many emotions are flowing through us.

     More “Nos” came our way than “Yeses”

That’s just a big part of real estate investing. Not everyone will be motivated to sell their homes to us.  We make lots of offers and hear lots of no’s before we receive one yes. That one Yes begins as a vision in our mind and ends as a beautifully updated home for a new family.

     Houses to Flip, Month After Month

Lots of work behind the scenes goes into every project. Scope of work to be drawn up. Lots of contractors touring the property and reviewing our scope of work offering quotes. Then the project begins! Managing the project is necessary to keep the flip on track to finish on time. Last-minute changes to make it absolutely beautiful. And, there are always materials to pick out and purchase – from flooring to tile to lighting!

     Time for a New Family

Staging our newly finished homes is my favorite part of the project. Just like the flippers on TV, we walk through the home proud of what we’ve created, knowing a new family will fall in love with this home. Professional photography and videography create lots of interest in these homes. And, they sell fast. We usually get offers before they’re ever listed, with them under contract within the first week of listing.

     Enjoy These Videos

We are proud of our work, so we hope you’ll take the time to watch these videos and enjoy our projects, too. Here’s the playlist where you can see several of them, and here’s the video of our most recent project, just sold a couple of weeks ago:

If you have a home to sell, we can make you an offer, or Judy can list it for you. Either way, we can help!