I’m so spoiled! For as many years as I can remember, my husband has a standing order for a fresh flower bouquet to be delivered to our home or my office weekly. If the flowers are hardy and I take good care of them, I end up with two or three fresh flower bouquets in our home at any given time.

Fresh flowers are perfect!

That said, I love to order extra bouquets when I’m having a party. I like small bouquets in all the bathrooms, plus bouquets throughout our home. Nothing makes me happier than lots of fresh flowers.

Just say No to Silk Flowers

I know silk arrangements last forever … or almost forever, but I love the look and smell of fresh flowers. And, the flowers are designed to match your personality, style, and home decor colors. I love fresh flowers.

Call your local Florist!

When we first moved to town, and I didn’t know very many people, I signed up for classes in order to learn new things while I was learning something new. One of those classes was a floral design class. Week after week, we learned a little more of the skills needed to create our own floral designs. One the last day of the classes, the florist offered everyone in the class an opportunity to work for his firm, part- or full-time – except me. He said, you can always buy flowers from me at a discount.

I can take a bundle of flowers and effectively add them to a vase, clipping the ends from each stem to allow it to absorb more water as needed. What I can’t do is create an intricate floral design. That said, I’d rather just order them and they appear.

Add fresh flowers to your home decor – it’s likely to spark joy and make you smile!