Where does your family gather? I find that every family has different traditions, but they all have a place they gather. Sometimes it’s at the largest house in the family, but other times it’s the coziest or most hospitable. Often it’s at a parent’s or grandparent’s house, and the gathering home passes on to the next generation periodically.

Who is invited?

Who’s invited to the gathering? Is it just the immediate family, or does the entire extended family join in the fun? Some families even include friends and neighbors. How hospitable is your family? Are outsiders embraced, totally excluded, or grudgingly tolerated?

I’m thinking about all this, because family gatherings often begin with Fourth of July celebrations in backyards or at the lake, then Thanksgiving meals and Christmas parties. Family gatherings evoke different feelings in each of us, based on the life experiences involved. Here’s hoping you’ve found a way to have gatherings you love, whether it’s family, friends, or a combination of both.

What do you Eat?

Food is a big part of gatherings. What is your favorite food to serve? Do you eat fancy or have a casual backyard grill gathering? I love plenty of adult beverages, plus lots of soft drinks and bottles of water as well. Lots of finger foods, so folks can graze while they drink and enjoy visiting.

Where do you Gather?

Ambiance can be as much what kind of music is played as it is places to relax and gather as a group. I love to have lots of separate sitting areas, where groups of folks can wonder in and out of, relaxing for a minute or an hour. Folks love to hang out around the bar, a dining table, in a comfortable living room area, out on a deck, and lots more corners of the world.

I’m thinking about gatherings, and as you read this, your mind has started to wonder to them as well. Since we live in a state away from our family, our gatherings tend to be friends. I’m really thinking about getting together a group of friends for a cool summer get together. What kind of gathering are you thinking about?