My dream life … that’s what I’m living right now. I want to share with you all the amazing things happening right now, so here we go.


Prayer has always been one of my passions. In the past couple of weeks, I prayed with a new friend during Happy Hour. Our Lyft driver shared

Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

some struggles he’s been having with PTSD from his years of military service, so I had the opportunity to pray with him as well. And, I joined hands with a couple of gals I was showing a house, asking God to lead, guide and direct this decision. Nothing makes my heart happier than bringing God to the forefront with everyone I meet and work with.


I love meeting new people and helping them however possible. One of the really great things about this business is that we offer hope to the hopeless, a lifeline to the desperate. If what we can offer is not a win for them, we always try to leave them in a better place than they were when they met us. And, I love helping people sell their homes, when it hasn’t been easy to sell before. Plus, I love helping people find their next home. Whether I’m wearing the hat of “Judy Best Investor”, “Judy Best Realtor”, or “Judy Best Prayer Warrior”, my goals are always the same – help others!


So much change is happening right now, but that’s a normal state for our family. We embrace change, so it’s never a surprise to anyone when things are changing. In fact, they’re surprised when things stay the same!

Our son, Eric, his wife, Amy, and their daughters, Olivia and Octavia, moved away for Eric’s jobĀ  about this time last year. He recently accepted our offer to join our company, so they’re all in the process of moving back to central Arkansas. They have a lovely new home in Sherwood, where the girls will be attending school. Our grandparent names are Mimi and Papa, and this Mimi and Papa couldn’t be any happier!

Our daughter, Rachel, and her husband, Jaymes, just started new jobs. Rachel is working as an assistant property manager at an apartment complex in Conway, and Jaymes is starting a new career as an exterminator. And, they’re moving to a new home in Conway.

Having all our kids nearby, where we can gather for family meals and fun makes me so happy. We’ve experienced years where both kids could not come home for holidays, and those were not so fun.

Growing Myself

I’m finally becoming more comfortable in my own skin. Working continually on my mindset is part of the transformation the Word asks us as Christians to do. Sadly, we allow our mindsets to remain set, as we agree with the word, but often fail to apply it to our thoughts and our meditations. As I commit to this process on a continual basis, I see where I’ve failed to love completely – even myself, and where I haven’t forgiven myself and others, remaining in bondage to unforgiveness.

I’m simply thankful for the blessings of this season, so sharing what God has done and is doing in our lives. Be blessed!