I recently had the chance to do a Facebook Live with my friend, Gretchen Jackson. She’s an amazing gal, who started a business with her husband, Daniel a few years ago, Beyond Sound & Security. Now, she’s started, along with some other fabulous women, a Mastermind community of women, called {Shift}Her. I’m excited to be part of these initial masterminds. Here’s our chat:

I love how these videos save showing our faces making weird expressions.

Christmas Tips:

  • A home security system
  • Clean up the wires showing from your TV and devices
  • Connect everything with an app, so all the devices can be controlled from a cell phone
  • Hanging a big screen TV – inside or out
  • Setting up your sound system – inside or out
  • Install video cameras on your front porch

Beyond Sound & Security can help you with all these things and more!  Whether it’s for Christmas or just something you want or need in your home, give them a call.