As 2017 comes to a close, we want to wish you a Happy New Year!!! We’re excited about the opportunities and goals that 2018 will bring, and we hope you are looking forward to 2018 as well.

Pursue your Passions in 2018

What would you like to accomplish this year? For some folks, this is just a continual forward movement toward a goal they’ve been working towards for years – and that’s perfectly alright! If you are working toward a degree, paying off a debt, just set some measurable action steps to keep moving toward that dream. For others, it’s time to find your passion – what would you love to do? Is it possible to achieve with some specific actions steps. That’s what we did with our real estate business, and achieving success required lots of specific action steps.

Write Down Your Goal

I know, sounds silly, but there really is something to writing it down and keeping it where you see it every day. State your goal in a positive tense. A negative goal might be, I don’t want to gain any more weight this year. Stating it positively you might say, I want to achieve and maintain my ideal weight in 2018.

Develop an Action Plan with Deadlines and Measurable Action

It’s easier to buy into this part of goal setting. Based on your goal, what specific things need to happen in what order to accomplish that goal. This will be a fluid plan, which you may change throughout the year, as you learn more things you need to do in order to reach your goal.

Revisit your Plan Daily or Weekly

If you have daily action steps, you’ll want to check off their completion daily – ditto if it’s weekly action steps. If you’re writing a novel, you may have a certain number of word or pages that needs to be completed by daily or weekly. When you’re checking off each completed step, you see yourself getting closer to your goal.

Remember to Celebrate

Celebrations are the very thing that kept me going toward larger goals several times in the past. When I started my travel agency, days would pass without planning a vacation, so I started treating myself to a glass of wine with every booking. This celebration was not sustainable as my business grew, but it was a great celebration in those slow days. When I was attending Weight Watchers, I celebrated losing one pound or more at my weekly weigh-in with a candy bar or order of fries. The thing I was denying myself kept me working toward my goal weight.

What are you working toward in 2018? I’d love to know!