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We’ve networked, called, met, interviewed and hired several contractors over the past few months. It’s like any other job, there are some good ones, some okay ones, and some really bad ones. The worst are the ones who just don’t answer their phones or return calls.

The Bad Ones

The bad contractors make an appointment and fail to meet you. They demand money upfront, but never start the job. Their work is sloppy or incomplete, failing to meet the demands of your scope of work. Here’s some tips how to screen out many of the “bad” contractors:

  • Never give them any upfront money. Divide the job into clearly measurable milestones, and pay them a portion of the funds as they achieve each milestone, saving a good portion to pay them at the end after they have completed all the final items on the punch list.
  • Ask to see their licenses and insurance before you hire them. They’ll say they have them, and they’ll promise to show you, but you never see it. No license, no insurance, do not hire them.
  • Ask them for references who you can call, plus ask them to show you their most recent projects. Call the references, and make time to visit their projects. You’ll hear about and see the quality of their workmanship.

Good Contractors

A good contractor shows up when they say they’re going to, they complete work according to deadlines, and they give you regular updates about the projects, so there’s no surprises. Most projects will experience a delay or problem that needs to be handled, but the best contractors report the problem, offering the best solutions at the same time. Treat your good contractors well, because they are valuable.

Week 1 on our Latest Project

Last week, I shared our latest property acquisition, and what was happening then. Our general contractor has started bringing in his crews to paint the exterior and start some of the interior work. Before and after pictures will be forthcoming.

This week, I started interviewing companies who stage homes to sell. When we finish the renovation of our properties, we hire a company to stage the home, so folks can see how beautiful the home will be with their furnishings in it. If you are selling your own home, these same companies will work with your own furniture and décor to give your house the perfect look to move it quickly. In our unoccupied property at 2315 S Chester in Little Rock, they will bring a few pieces of furniture and home décor to make the house warm and inviting. Expect to see some pictures of our home staging in future updates.

Do you have any contractor stories you’d like to share? Wishing you nothing but happy projects!

Are you a good contractor in Arkansas looking for work? We’d love to talk to you … let us know what you do!