The Process

As real estate investors, our goal is to buy and own lots of properties. As you might imagine, that’s what we spend the bulk of our time doing, so here’s our steps:

ContactInfomod2-300x243Identify Potential Properties

Our marketing targets homeowners who may wish to sell their properties. We’re constantly sending the message, We Buy Houses! We have ads on Facebook and Craigslist. Signs are hung in neighborhoods with that message. We mail lots of letters and postcards each month. And, this website has the same message online. In fact, one of the purposes of this blog is to keep our website current, add value to you our readers, and to reach folks interested in selling their properties. We receive lots of calls, texts, and message from property owners ready to sell. That’s how we find potential properties.

Analyze Properties

The property owners tell us all about their properties. Then we do some research online to learn more, and enter the properties CloseupTeamin our database, where can keep all the data together. Next step is to make an appointment to tour the property. At that point, we’re looking for everything that needs to be repaired in order to sell it for top dollar. We look at comparable properties nearby, to find the top price the property will sell for fast. We don’t just want the best price. We want the best price with a fast sale. Once we have all this, we know the exact price we can pay. We usually give the property owner three options for the purchase. That way they can pick the offer that works best for them … or they can say, no, thanks!

Offers … How We Are Different

A big difference between us and other investors is those three offers, because that assures that you have offers at several different prices, not just a LOW price.

Another difference is, sometimes when someone needs or wants to sell a property that’s in great shape, we can offer you full retail value … not a low price. This only happens when there isn’t a lot of repairs. But, even owners with pretty homes need to sell their homes fast. We can help with that, too.

The third difference is our integrity. If we offer to buy your house, we intend to buy it. For some reason, other investors frequently make an offer, then three to four weeks into the process, they back out. We always have a 10-day inspection period, and once in a while, we find something that makes the house worth less.  When that happens, we always tell the owner exactly why we need to cancel. These are big differences, giving us a real competitive advantage.

Buying Properties

Once the owner has accepted our offer, we all sign the contracts. There’s almost always a 10-day inspection period, which allows us to double check there are no hidden issues with the properties. We’re lining up our money needed to close, while the title company is doing their work to make sure the title is clear. This all takes 2 – 3 weeks at the least, and the property is ours.

If you need or want to sell a property fast, WE BUY HOUSES. And, we’re the investors you want to sell your house, too!