connect-soldEveryone would love to own a home, but some people don’t yet, because they have concerns about their credit scores and down payments. I believe everyone should be able to buy a home, so let’s talk about this for a minute.

Wade into the Water

If you’d love to own a home, it’s time to make a plan. A mortgage lender can be your best friend. They are non-judgmental people, who just want to help you get a loan for the home you want. So, make an appointment with one or three – interview them to see who you like the best. One may connect with you personally better than another. It matters!

Tell them you want to make a plan to buy a house. They’ll ask for some basic information, then they’ll let you know where you are today. Even better than that, they’ll tell you the exact steps you need to take to achieve your goal of owning a home. The plan may take a few weeks, months, or years, but at least you’re moving closer to the day you can go house shopping.

Down Payments

It’s always wise to have an active savings plan that you deposit part of your paycheck in every period. I’d even suggest you make an appointment with a financial adviser to make a plan. You have goals! Not only do you want to your own home, you may also want kids, a business, to travel, and retire in style some day. Plan today, to make all these things happen tomorrow. Interview two or three financial adviser, until you find the one that gets you. Once you have a plan, you’ll know the perfect time to buy a house, and you’ll have the down payment. Even if you have nothing now, talk to a financial adviser. They’ll help!

Interest Rates

Interest Rates are outside our control, but … if you’re thinking about selling your house while interest rates are low, you are smart! Lots of folks are buying houses now while interest rates are low. Houses are selling quick. Low interest rates are good for the seller and the buyer!

Not Ready to Buy Yet

You might want to purchase one of our lease/option homes. We offer a few of our homes with a lease and a future option to purchase it. The option fee goes toward your down payment on the house if you exercise the option to purchase. This is a great way to grow your down payment!

If you’re ready to buy or sell now, interview two or three Realtors. Again, find the one who gets you. But, please include me in the interviews, because I’d love to be your Realtor.