After a year learning the investment side of real estate and completing several projects, we decided it was time for me to get my real estate license. Folks ask me all the time about the process, so here’s how it worked for me. Here’s how it worked in Arkansas … the process is probably different if you live in another state.

My Grand Princesses

60 Hours of Training, Application, Fingerprints and a Big Test

In order to take the licensing exam, I first needed to complete 60 hours of training. I looked at local and online classes, and I decided online classes worked best with my busy schedule.  I recommend this place for online classes, and this central Arkansas location for classroom training. I worked through each module, and periodically I had to complete a test before I could move on to the next module. At the end I took and passed an online exam that covered all the material. I received my certificate, which I then submitted along with an application to take the exam and my fingerprints to the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. (I went to the Highway Patrol office to get my fingerprints done!)

It took the AREC almost three weeks to enter my application in their system, get my background check cleared, and finally to send my letter to take the exam. I had studied for a few weeks to make sure I knew all the material well before sending in my application. After that delay, I’d wished I’d submitted my application, then studied while I was waiting for my letter to take the exam. That’s what I suggest you do!

Study Until the Light Bulb in Your Brain Lights Up

As I was studying for the test in those 5 – 6 weeks, one day came when suddenly a light bulb went off, and I understood clearly why some answers were correct. If you’re still guessing at answers, take those questions to a realtor who can explain that to you. It could be the difference between passing and failing. I passed on my first try.

At the testing place, you were required to bring your AREC letter and your valid ID. Folks ahead of me in the line were missing one or the other of these requirements, and they were sent away instructed to reschedule the test for another day when they had both. At the end of the test, I walked back to the reception desk, where they told me I had passed, giving me the test results.

Choosing A Brokerage – iRealty Arkansas For Me

I then started interviewing brokers to find a place to hang my license. As an investor, I needed an agency that would require a lower split of commissions for all of our own properties that we were buying and selling. I interviewed three agencies, and I chose iRealty Arkansas. I met with the owner, Kristen Kennon, and the principal broker, Maurice Taylor, who understood my goals. I chose them for several reasons. Kristen’s goal is for iRealty Arkansas to be one of the top producers in central Arkansas, but also to have a culture of having fun while we work hard. And, the brokers make sure we’re doing everything correct and training us to be the best. I’m glad I have all their years of business supporting me. That made iRealty Arkansas the perfect place for me.

A Realtor Who is Investor Friendly – That’s Judy Best

Now I’m buying and selling our own properties, plus I’m helping my friends with their properties. I’m a friend to investors, because I know what kind of properties they’re looking for, and I’m not afraid to make any offer they want. If you’re a real estate investor buying or selling properties in central Arkansas, we should chat.

The combination of my Realtor license with our real estate investment knowledge just gives me more tools in toolbelt to help you find your dream home at the best price or to sell your house fast at the perfect price. Feel free to interview me when you’re ready to work with a Realtor. You want to find someone you enjoy working with, and I hope you’ll consider me!