New years resolutionNew Years Resolution

Everyone thinks about the changes they want to make in the New Year, so we see lots of new activity in January. As time passes, however, lots of folks settle back into their comfortable routine for lots of reasons. Did that happen to you? If so, don’t despair, because here’s a reset. Let’s jumpstart our goals again now and make something happen before the year ends. Let’s get started right now and create a New Years resolution that sticks!

Set New Goals

We have to continually evaluate where we are, what we have done, what we need to do daily to achieve our goals. If you’ve fallen off the wagon with your goals, pick yourself up with an action plan for today. What would you like to accomplish before the year ends? Make a list, write it down. Now what do you need to do hourly, daily, weekly, monthly to make those happen. Make an action plan, then you will know when you are successfully moving forward toward your goals.

Visualize Success.

Successful people visualize their success daily. Olympians visualize themselves winning, then standing on the Olympic stage, receiving their medal, while their national anthem plays. That’s what I’m talking about. Create a background for your computer or your phone that reminds you of how your life will look once your goal is achieved. This will keep you on track through the daily grind, because you’ll not only want it, you’ll soon see that you can achieve it.

Don’t Give Up So Easily.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s easy to just live your routine life, without really trying to make a real change in your life. Changing your life and breaking old habits is harder, but worth it. You’re going to stumble, but the secret is not giving up when you stumble. Acknowledge the stumble, then get right back on your new routine to achieve your goal. Have the discipline to recognize it will a constant battle to keep working towards your goal. Achieving your goals won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Think Big.

Set your goals as big as your vision can stand. Most folks only go as far as their expectations allow. You definitely need to break your action plan down into baby steps, but you can still reach for the stars.

Consider Failure.

What happens if you don’t achieve your dreams? Will you be content with your life if you fail? Sometimes the fear of failure is a bigger. Think about why you might fail and how you can avoid it. This helps you work out your worst case scenarios.

Fall is the beginning of the last season before the New Year. Let’s get back to work on our goals before the year ends. Who’s with me? Leave me some comments, and we can encourage one another. This New Years resolution can be one to remember.