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In central Arkansas, late July and August brings some hot HOT weather! Arkansans tend to enjoy indoor activities on the hottest days or head to the lakes, creeks, and pools nearby. We also remember to make sure our pets are hydrated and cool. But, your lawn is just sitting there, enduring that heat, day after day. Remember that your grass needs hydration as well.

How Do You Know Your Lawn Needs Water

An easy way to check if your lawn needs water is to touch your grass. When you step on it, if the grass pops right back up, it’s well hydrated. If the grass stays laying down once you lift your foot, it need water!

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need

Typically, your lawn and plants probably needs an inch to an inch and half of water per week. To grow a deep strong root system, infrequent deep watering is best. When you water frequently with less water, your lawn will have shallower roots, you’ll experience more evaporation of the water, wasting your water resources and money.

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Save Money While Watering

Did you know you can install a basic wireless rain sensor for about $130 to your sprinkler system that will turn off your sprinkler when it rains to save you money and avoid over watering your lawn? Just say yes to this inexpensive add-on! The old school way to accomplish the same thing it simply to turn off your sprinkler when it’s been raining in your area. I always feel sorry for the folks whose sprinklers are going off during a rain storm … what a waste!

Make sure your sprinkler system is well-maintained. Broken pipes or leaks definitely increase your costs. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, a soaker hose is the next best thing to save you money!

The Best Time to Water Your Lawn

Early morning hours are considered the best time to water your lawns. This gives them plenty of moisture to face that same heat you are avoiding! If not early mornings, watering your grass in the early evenings after the heat of the day is declining. Your goal is to keep your lawn beautiful and strong and disease-free.