Landlords and Investors Wanted!

Are you a landlord looking for your next buy and hold rental property? Or perhaps you’re a flipper looking for your next property to rehab? If you’re in central Arkansas, we need one another.

Properties Available for Purchase

We are real estate investors, constantly marketing ourselves to find properties that we can buy and hold and/or rehab for resell. Just like everyone else who invests in real estate, we’re constantly watching the MLS for a great deals. We also receives calls, texts and emails from folks who’ve seen our advertising who are desperate to sell their property. Once in a while, we have too many great deals to do ourselves, so we need someone to pass these great deals onto.

Let Us Know What You’re Looking For

That’s where you come in. If you’ll let us know what you’re looking for, we’ll only contact you when we find a property that meets your preferences. Do you have a price range or a certain formula you use to determine what you’ll buy? Do you have a geographical area in central Arkansas that you prefer? How many bedrooms and baths work best for you? We promise not to call you with every deal we find, but we’ll definitely reach out to you when we have a property like you’ve described.

Better Yet, Let’s Meet In Person

If you are a real estate investor in central Arkansas, we’d love to meet you. Call us at 501-725-1160, to arrange a time to meet for coffee or a glass of wine and discuss investing in Arkansas.