Before You Sell - Landscape To-Do List

Pre-sale To-Do List!

We know a thing or two about selling houses, because we’ve sold a bunch of them. Yep, sounds like a Farmer’s Insurance commercial, right!?! (If you’re looking for a Farmers Agent, reach out to my friend, Shannon Westbrook. Tell her I sent you!) There’s a few things that we do with the landscape of almost every home, so here’s our to-do list that may help you.

Fresh Mulch

Always add fresh mulch to your landscape beds. You can choose the color you like best, because that doesn’t matter a whole lot. What really matters is fresh mulch improves your home’s first impression on future buyers. You can do it yourself, or hire someone to do it for you, just add fresh mulch. We’re especially fond of the red and black colored mulch.

Weed the Landscape Beds

If weeds are growing in your landscape beds, definitely pull those out BEFORE adding the mulch. These landscape beds are like the frame of your beautiful home, so make sure all those weeds are gone. If ivy is growing into your bushes or trees, make sure you pull all that down, too. The bushes and trees will look their best without ivy creeping up them!

Add Color

No matter what time of year you are selling your home, there’s some colorful plants or flowers you can add to your landscape. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just feel in some of those gaps with pretty color!

Raise the Canopy

Tree limbs grow willy-nilly, and unless trimmed they quickly cover the beauty of your home. By cutting off the lower limbs, your home is in full beautiful view. We use a long extended chainsaw to accomplish this ourselves, so you can do it or hire it done. This one thing is the biggest thing you can do to improve your curb appeal.

Mow and Edge the Lawn

I feel like this goes without saying, because this is a must. Men especially love a beautiful lawn, so if it’s perfectly manicured, the men will already like it, without even realizing it sometimes. If the clippings are clumped up after mowing, make sure you bag those up. And get any loose leaves raked up and bagged. You want your home to look maintenance-free!

I hope this helps you increase your curb appeal, whether you do it yourself or hire it done. Your beautiful home will thank you!