Landscaping for the Seasons

We’ve lived in several homes in our lifetime. At each new home we’ve lived in, surprises have bloomed through all the seasons. It’s so much fun to see what flowers will bloom and bushes will take shape as the seasons change. So, now we plan our landscaping to have the same surprises for future homeowners in the homes we’re renovating. Here’s some ideas for our area:


Azaleas are available in many colors, plus some bloom only once, but others rebloom multiple times in the year. These are a great addition to any landscape.

Day Lillies

I love to see the day lilly plants growing each spring, because I know soon I’ll enjoy their gorgeous blooms. I love to scatter these plants throughout my landscape design.


Tulips grow from bulbs, and the blooms are short lived. But, I love that early spring color every year. These are a great jump start to any flowering garden.


Beautiful green plants that flower briefly, but keep your landscape lovely all summer long. They multiply, so they must be thinned periodically, which allows gifting to friends and neighbors or new plants to add to other areas of your design.

This is just a few ideas I love to use in our landscape designs. What is your go-to landscape plants?