When we were newly married, we lived in a mobile home. On weekends, we’d drive neighborhoods, visit open houses, and peek in windows of vacant large luxury homes that we’d dream of being our own someday. Then we went to work to make our dreams come true, and our current home is much like those we dreamed of owning so long ago.

Everyone’s dream is a little different, and ours has evolved over time, so let’s look at some features found in luxury homes. What’s your dream home look like?

Location, Location, Location

  • Waterfront: The home’s price certainly increases with even just a water view. Your dream home may be a lake home, while others may long for an oceanfront home.
  • City or Country: I’m a city girl. I love to visit my country cousins, but I would hate living so far from any neighbors, restaurants, and stores. My cousins love the peaceful existence on their acreage. To each their own, but there are luxury homes in both these locations.

Size Matters or Does it?

Those homes we dreamed of owning as newlyweds were large houses, our current home is large with over 4,000 square feet. It just depends on what luxury means to you. We currently live in a large 4,000 square foot home, with so much space to entertain, which is important to us. We previously lived in a downtown condo that was really compact with just 1,944 square feet of space, where we entertained continuously with floor to ceiling windows with an awesome downtown view. Both homes were luxurious in different ways – and cost about the same.

Dream Home is Different for Each of Us

Our vision of a dream home has changed over time. Shortly after we moved to town, we had a business dinner at a nice downtown restaurant, Vermillion. In the course of the meal, I saw a waiter carry a covered tray of food to an elevator.  I soon discovered that he was delivering food to a resident who lived in a condo upstairs. I looked at my husband and said, I’d like to live in a condo like that someday. And, that’s how we eventually ended up in a downtown condo!

I loved that experience, and there are still things I miss about living there, but I sure missed having a garage, a yard, and a large outdoor living and entertainment area. Our goal now is to eventually live where palm trees grow naturally, in a coastal area. An oceanview would be wonderful but isn’t necessary.

Whether you’re dreaming of your first home or your next dream home, I’d love to help you with your real estate needs!