Once you’re ready to move, it’s time to forward your mail. You can make these arrangements with the post office at this link. It’s a pretty simply process – just complete the form at that link, then wait for your mail to start arriving at your new address.

There’s a delay in the arrival of your forwarded mail, because it is first delivered to the post office near the home you just moved out of. They then forward it to the post office near your new home, where it is then delivered. This can take 7 – 10 days or more. You should notify people and companies who send you mail regularly that you have a new address. Once your forwarded mail begins arriving, that will let you know who else you should notify of your new address. Here’s a list of folks that you may want to send your new address:

Who Needs Your New Address?

  • Telephone, gas, electricity, and other utility companies
  • Tax entities and business-related government correspondence
  • Banks and credit cards
  • Magazines, catalogs, and mail offerings
  • Subscriptions for professional organizations, clubs, and school alumni newsletters

What Mail Gets Forwarded and For How Long?

The United States Post Office will forward your First class, Express mail and packages for twelve months. Your periodicals and magazines will only forward for 60 days, so you’ll need to notify them of your new address as soon as possible. The post office does not forward your third, fourth, or bulk class mail. That’s all those advertisers you receive mail from. If there’s a catalog or business you’d like to still receive mail from, make sure you update your address with them.

If you’re just moving temporarily, for example your home was damaged by a storm or being remodeled, there’s an option to just forward your mail temporarily, then return delivery to your permanent home once the repairs are completed. So, if that’s your situation, choose that option!