We’re Roger and Judy Best – working together in this residential redevelopment company, Best Real Estate Investments, LLC. We couldn’t be more excited about this new adventure, but we know many of you don’t know us, so here’s more about us.

Where We Started

We lived in Springfield, Missouri, until 2000, when we moved to Little Rock, Arkansas. That’s where we call home now. As newlyweds, our first home was a mobile. We used to visit Sunday open houses, viewing neighboring houses and dreaming of a beautiful home of our own. We’ve since bought and sold several, so we’ve lived in some amazing homes. In recent years, we’ve started watching the house flipping shows at HGTV, and, just like you, we thought, that would be fun to do.

We own several businesses and partner in a few others. Roger has owned and operated several technology companies, and Biztek Connection is his primary business, while Judy runs her own travel business, Judy Best Vacations. We love what we do, so we can’t even imagine retiring. This is a great life, and we’re always looking for the next adventure.

Latest Adventure: Best Real Estate Investments, LLC

We attended a Fortune Builders seminar, part of the enterprise from A&E stars of “Flip This House”, Than Merrill, JD Esajian, and Paul Esajian. As business owners, we already understood the value of proven systems to any business. Fortune Builders had great systems for achieving success in the real estate business, so we joined their successful team. In January of this year, we started Best REI.

We’ve studied their online materials and traveled to several in-person workshops, then we started to work using their proven systems. And, it is working. We’re making offers and accepting offers weekly. If you’re ready to buy or sell your home, but you’d rather not list it for any reason, give us a call at 501-777-5788.

We’d love to see your property, offer cash and a fast closing, with no repairs required by you!