You may think I’m crazy, but our mindset absolutely works through our five senses. Have you ever heard the song, “Oh, be careful little eyes, what you see?”  The lyrics suggests it’s because our Father above is looking down on us with love, but it’s more than that. our experience through our five senses creates memories in our subconscious that guides the things we do and don’t do in our life. We need to guard our senses to create a healthy positive mindset that propels us to achieve audacious goals. Let’s talk more about how our five senses impact our mindset.

Your Eyes

As parents, we protect our small children from images that might frighten them and cause nightmares.  Yet we allow those same images into our minds, because we’re old enough to choose for ourselves. Whatever you allow to enter your mind may take root there, so just be aware you are making choices for yourself every day. Perhaps it’s time to realize any book, movie, TV show, YouTube video and more impact our mindsets. That said, some of those have negative messages that hinder our positive outlook.

As adults, our subconscious is still parenting us, attempting to protect us from perceived hars. Since our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and fiction, it may be encouraging us to avoid situations that in reality aren’t dangerous. With that said, it’s important to feed our subconscious lots of positive feedback, so it will steer us to fearlessly face adventures in both life and business. We recently were watching a new television series, when we both decided this was not only a time waster, but allowing negative images into our mind. It was easy for us to choose to stop watching that show going forward, and it felt good to make that positive choice for ourselves.

Motivation through Sight

Beyond that, we are all motivated and excited after attending an exciting workshop, retreat or conference. It makes sense to allow our eyes to motivate and move us forward to achieve our goals. If we become aware of what our eyes are seeing at all times, our subconscious can create a better pathway to the future we desire. This not only includes what you read and watch, but also what you allow to mindlessly enter your mind. I’m just going to leave this question here, because it’s something I’m becoming more aware of. How much time are we mindlessly flipping through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube feeds? Some of us spend hours mindlessly playing a game on our phone, TV, or other device. Let’s just become more aware of everything that enters our mind through our eyes!

Your Ears

Now that we’ve increased our awareness of what’s entering our mind, let’s consider what’s entering our ears, that perhaps hinders us. Again, our subconscious doesn’t know the different between reality and fiction! I listen to the radio, podcasts, Audible books, speakers, and more. Friends and acquaintances often recommend books, speakers and podcasts that they loved, and I love to grab a recommended Audible book. Once in a while, though, I realize a book is not right for me, because the underlying message doesn’t align with my values and principles. It doesn’t bother me at all to delete that book from my online library as soon as I realize that, because I never want to be distracted from my God-given purpose even by small degrees.

A place I think we struggle more is with music and comedy. When a song comes on with a good beat and recognizable words, and we hear it over and over again for weeks, we’ll soon sing along with it. Again, I’m just going to drop this statement here. Are the words we’re singing aloud in our car, the jokes we’re laughing at, and the stories we listening to, aligned with our values and helping us achieve our audacious goals? If not, consider making a change to what you listen to. Why settle for less than the best we deserve?

Your Nose

Since we’re chatting about the five senses, I’d like to talk about our sense of smell in a positive way. We all have smells that create strong emotions in us, draw us closer to our Creator, and create a healthier mindset. The smell of a home cooked meal, fresh flowers, bubble bath, and more, all make us relax, smile, and be thankful. These fabulous emotions encourage a positive mindset.

When I’m in nature, especially at night, I feel so close to God. My body and mind relaxes, and I’m more open to godly inspiration, guidance and love. We all have friends who sell and educate other on the benefit of oils, and some of those make excellent tools to add to our mindset toolkit!

Your Mouth

This struggle is huge, because it includes what goes in our mouths, as well as what comes out of our mouths. Most of us are really aware of the struggle from what we put in our mouth, as we diet and try to eat healthy to improve our physical health. Plus most of us will admit we know drugs and/or alcohol aren’t serving our lives well either.

Rather than dwelling on what we’re putting in our mouth, I think we should focus more on the words that come out. It’s important for us to first watch our daily language. Is it filled with thankfulness or complaints? Are we grumbling about life or speaking life into others?

As we become more aware of improvements in all these areas, we need to speak life-giving words in daily affirmations. These are always spoken from a positive future mindset as though it was reality today. As we’re learning, the subconscious doesn’t know that difference between reality and fiction. If we state a positive future reality daily, our subconscious partners with us to make that happen. Here are some of the affirmations I speak daily, and I’d love for you to add a comment of affirmations that are working for you:

Daily Affirmations
  • I expand in abundance, success and love every day as I inspire others to do the same.
  • Life is fun and full of wonderful surprises and magic.
  • I am sparking the energy of joy and playfulness all the time.
  • It’s safe for me to make income leaps.
  • I believe in myself and trust in my abilities to succeed in all I do.
  • My business dreams align to my core values..
  • I create daily opportunities for growth for myself and others.
  • My business dreams align to my core values.
  • I am surrounded by people who love, respect and support me.
  • My life of gratitude creates positivity in my world.
  • I pursue my dreams with reckless abandon.
Your Touch

Each of us have different levels of touch we enjoy, so this is a touchy discussion, LOL. I love a firm handshake and a friendly hug. These make me happy, so I’ll be brief. First, for those of us that crave affectionate touches from others, find others who feel the same, and satisfy that need daily. But, second, we need to be aware of the level of touch folks in our contact sphere enjoy, and engage them at their comfort level. It’s important that we never take advantage of others as we fulfill our desires for affectionate touches.

As we use our five senses to become our very best, we’ll also impact our world positively. I want to be a world changer, don’t you? That’s why paying attention to our mindset developed through our five senses is a must! I’m excited for what tomorrow will bring.