burning moneyCostly Home Repairs

Sometimes home repairs come one right after another. Think about it, it makes sense sometimes. When our homes were built, everything was installed new, and every piece of our home is expected to be good for a certain period of time. So, it makes sense that some parts of our homes will all need attention about the same time.

Life Expectance of Home Components

The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors produced this chart of the life expectancy of various components in our home. Of course, usage, weather, maintenance, and installation can all affect life expectance both negatively and positively. So, take good care of your home, and you can expect lower home repair costs.

Sometimes Life Just Happens

Some things are simply outside our control – like the weather. Lots of folks have experienced storm damages to their homes this year. Hurricanes brought not only strong winds, but also flood damage. Tornados seem random destroying a row of houses, without touching their next door neighbor’s house. A strong thunderstorm can bring hail, damaging the roof, but also producing lightning, damaging the electrical systems and components in homes. And, earthquakes … shaking building, affecting their very foundation. And, that’s just the bad storms. Normal strain of extended snow and ice creates plumbing problems. And, folks who enjoy ocean view have the struggles of salt and moisture on their homes. We all do our best to protect our homes the best we can, but sometimes it’s simply an act of God.

Rescue from Home Repairs

If despite your best efforts, you can’t see how to maintain your home, with the costly repairs piling up, we’d like to see if we can help. We specialize in solving real estate problems in central Arkansas that seem unsolvable. We usually have two or three ways to solve each problems, so there’s a good chance at least one of our solutions will work for you! If you’d like to discuss your situation with us, give us a call at 501-777-5780 or complete this form, and we’ll call you. The solution to your money pit could be one call away!