Who do you know who really needs to sell their house now?

That’s someone we would love to talk to, because we might be the solution to their problem. If their house is in great shape and they have time to wait for the right buyer to come along, their first call should be a successful real estate agent. But, if they’ve already tried that without luck selling their house, or if they simply don’t have time to wait for that buyer, we might be able to help.

Our Process

When someone calls hoping to sell their house quick, we ask lots of questions. Do you live in the house yourself? If it’s vacant, how long has it been vacant? What repairs need to be made in order to sell your house? Do you have a mortgage on the house or is it free and clear? If you have a mortgage, what’s your payment, interest rate and payoff amount. That’s just some of the questions we ask, because that helps us discover solutions to your problem.

Then we want to see the house. The owner can show us the house themselves, or they can just give us a key to go see it by ourselves. We do this to make a list of all the good things about the house, plus all the repairs that are needed.

Our Offer

From all that information, we offer the homeowner some options. We try to find as many as possible, because we want the homeowner to find a solution that makes them happy.  But, it’s always the homeowners choice to accept one or none of the offers. We’re just here to help anyone we can.

So, if you know anyone who needs to sell their house right away, please tell them to call us asap!