As real estate investors, we started this business to be profitable. Isn’t that the reason everyone starts any business? The goal is always to replace a job where we sell our hours for money with a business that continues to reap a profit even while we’re sleeping or vacationing.

Once we were in the business, we quickly found that we also love helping folks in desperate situations, providing hope in a hopeless situation. If you need to sell fastare ever in a situation where you need to sell fast, you’ll appreciate any solution offered. While we always need to make a profit, our goals is to find creative solutions for every person who needs to sell fast, so they have several choices to solve their problem. And, that means we aren’t just offering low prices.

With all that said, I wanted to share where our deals have come over the years, just to give you an idea of all the places and people we’ve helped and who helped us grow this business. Here who needs to sell fast:

#1 Probate

Our top source of homes to rehab is probably homes. When someone dies, someone in the family inherits the house, so this is never a happy situation. While grieving, decisions need to be made about clearing out items from the family home.

Usually only a few of those things are treasures, while the rest needs to be trashed, donated, or sold at a garage sale. We’ve gone through this process with our family members who passed, so we understand  how hard this is while still grieving.

If someone in the family wants or needs to live in the family home, that is an easy solution. Another easy solution is turning the family home into a profitable rental property. If those two solutions aren’t available or possible, selling the home is the next solution.

If the home is in good enough condition to sell using a Realtor, that’s another perfect solution. But, if the home needs lots of updates and/or repairs, selling to someone like us will help you when you need to sell fast. One of the really great services we offer is … you just take what you want from the home, then leave all that stuff you were going to have to get rid of behind when you sell to us. Just another way we serve you in your time of need.

#2 Pre-Foreclosure/Foreclosure

Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure homes are another place we find a lot of the homes we rehab. No one buys a home in anticipation of facing need to sell fastforeclosure, so this is another really sad time. We help the homeowner sell my home fast before this happens, helping them avoid the credit hit from having a foreclosure on your credit record. We love helping people move on from this situation, knowing once they get past this problem, they’ll likely get back on their feet and eventually buy another home.

We so buy homes that were already foreclosed from banks and other lending companies. These are simply a transaction. We find a price these organizations are willing to sell for, then we flip the house and sell it.

#3 Relocation

These homeowners who need to sell fast surprised us initially. When you have to or want to move fast for any reason, frequently getting your house ready to sell and waiting for it to sell creates just one more stressful situation. These homes may be in pretty good shape, just needing a little work to be ready to sell, but we help these folks sell fast and move on with no worries.

#4 Wouldn’t Sell

Some houses just don’t sell fast for lots of reasons. In these cases, frequently the homeowner thought their home would sell fast, but then it sat on the market for weeks and months. There’s always a reason homes won’t sell, but not all homeowners can accept a lower price. And, sometimes homeowners just don’t want that expense any longer, so they need to sell fast.

Frequently these sellers are paying bills on their current home and this home that’s sitting vacant – including mortgages, utilities, taxes, and home maintenance. Just like all these other categories, these folks need to sell fast, but every seller’s situation is unique, so our creative solutions are unique as well. Are you getting the picture that we can help almost anyone who need to sell fast.

#5 Marriage and Divorce

These are opposite ends of the spectrum for reasons to need to sell fast. Marriage is a happy occasion, but when the bride and the groom both already own a home, one of them needs to sell their home. Selling a home isn’t their top priority as their planning a wedding, plus it may be an added stressor they don’t need in their relationship at that time. That’s where we come in, offering them multiple solutions, so they can choose the one that works best for them.

Divorce is almost always stressful, whether the couple is happy or unhappy about the end of their marriage. Frequently, the end of the marriage, may result in needing to sell that family home, so the couple can eliminate their marital debt and split the profits. In order to do that quickly, they need to sell fast. If the home will sell fast on the market, a Realtor is a perfect solution. If the home needs work or it just needs to be sold immediately, we offer multiple options to buy their house.

… Lots of Other Reasons People Need To Sell Fast

These are just the people who have called us most often in the past few years. No telling who we’ll hear from next, but we’ll always treat everyone with dignity and respect and offer them multiple ways we can buy their home. In addition to our real estate investment business, Best REI, we have a team of Realtors, so we always have at least two solutions for every situation. Don’t hesitate to call – we’re waiting for the next person who needs to sell fast!