overnight_guestsVisiting family and friends are so fun to welcome to town. It’s your opportunity to allow them in to see your every day life, plus see your home, your work, and your community. There’s a few things I always do to make sure my home is as hospitable to guests as possible. Perhaps you’ll like this list, too.


Bathroom Essentials

I stock up on the grooming essentials that may have been left at home. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap and body soap, dental floss, tampons, shave cream, makeup removerĀ and more are easily found in the guest bathroom. Fresh towels and washcloths are laid out, but I make sure they know where to find more.

Bedroom Extras

I always freshly launder the sheets in the guest rooms, to assure they’re fresh and comfortable. I encourage them to try out different pillows to find the one that suits them best. And, I show them the extra quilts and blankets stored in each bedroom. And, every bedroom includes an LED alarm clock. They’ll know the time at any time, plus they can set their own alarm as needed.

Kitchen Desires

Everyone wants something different to drink when they wake in the morning, so I stock our refrigerator with single serving juices and soft drinks. I make sure we have a variety of coffees, including some decaf options, which we never use, but some of our friends and family do.

Last, but not least, clear your schedule as much as possible, so you can enjoy your guests. Your time is really what most guests want most!