We’ve shared before that several folks signed up for the same real estate investment courses we did, but we are the only ones who have flipped a house to our knowledge. The only difference between us and them is action. I know many of you have dreams, so let’s talk about how to make your dreams your reality!

Dream Big

Small dreams create small realities. If it’s worth changing your whole life for, it needs to dream that creates an amazing life. So, dream big! What will your life look like when you succeed? Envision the fruits of your labor. I often introduce myself when networking as “your central Arkansas flippers, who don’t have a TV show yet.” That always gets a laugh, but it also describes who we are perfectly. They envision us as the Chip and Joanna of central Arkansas. And, that’s how I envision myself, but not on a TV show. I just want the dream life this hard work creates!

Go Big or Go Home

Lots of folks say this, but we live it. We work this business hard, because we want huge success. When our coaches gave us an assignment, we knocked it out of the park as fast as we could. One coach shared that the fastest way to find a deal was to see enough properties to make five offers per week, we made that our plan. And, it worked!

We didn’t want to do a few flips each year. Instead our goal last year was one per month. For next year, our goal is two per month. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it, because it’s growing our business fast.

Dreams Require a Plan

Initially we simply followed the plan offered by the course we signed up for. As we met other investors and listened to other experts, we adjusted our plan to include new skill sets we were learning. But, you need to know, everyone in this program had the same plan to get started. It was laid out in action steps from starting your company to marketing to buying and flipping your property, until it was sold, then time to repeat.

Being a continual learning, creates a bigger dream, and requires a plan to succeed with action steps. We even went so far as to say, you do this, and I’ll do that. When it turned out that one of us was better at one action, then that part of the plan was reassigned to that plan. Since it was a new business, we both learned what we were good at, but we also both tried to be good at every piece of the plan.

A Plan Requires Action

This is the step that separated us from everyone else. We worked our way through the curriculum, completing every action item along the way. Our goal was to become experts, so we read books, listened to podcasts and webinars, attended lectures continually. Since we were already business owners, we knew networking was an essential piece of a new business’ marketing plan.

Business cards in hand, we told our story to everyone we met. Some folks, including some friends and family, doubted we would accomplish our goals. That made us even more determined to succeed, which we did and how!

Our future vision is that our adult kids and their spouses would join the business as we grow, and our son did just that this year. And, we expect to own and operate several complimentary businesses as well, because we can! As we grow an empire, we expect our grandkids to also be part of our businesses in the future.

Dream, then dream bigger. Make a plan, then take action. Take action every single day. Work your business every day. Do something that makes your business profitable every day. Then make a plan how you’ll live your dream life. It’s worth it.