Need To Increase Your Home’s Value?

As you’re thinking about selling your house, you start looking around to see what you need to repair or improve to better your selling price. Some things are just a no-brainer. If you have an old or leaky roof, you need to repair it. Same for leaky plumbing or problems with your electricity. Folks love to know the roof is good when they’re buying a home.


You may want to pay for a home inspection. Home buyers will likely ask for this, so it’s good to know what they’re going to find. And, this is a great way to know what you may need to repair before the home will sell. You don’t have to fix everything, but this gives you a good starting point.


Some folks drive by homes for sale before they make the decision to view them. That means you need great curb appeal, inviting them to come see the inside. Some siding can simply be washed, but a coat of paint may be necessary. Clean up your landscaping and mulch if necessary. Make sure your address is clearly visible. That’s important to people trying to find your house to see it. And, the last thing most folks look at in a home is the outdoor living areas, so put some chairs and tables where they can sit down for a minute and imagine themselves living in this home, enjoying moments like this.


Here’s two big tips: Paint and Cleanliness Counts. Freshly painted rooms have great eye appeal. And, neutral colors appeal to the greatest number of people. Once the painting is done, your house needs a deep cleaning from top to bottom. You may want to pay a cleaning service to do this, because they’ll notice things you might miss. Clean rooms with a fresh coat of paint will make your home shine!

Clear out extra furniture and cluttered décor, making your room look larger. Open the draperies and blinds to let the light shine in. Updating lighting fixtures can be a small investment that offers big returns.


Two areas will offer you the best return for your remodeling investment: bathroom and the kitchen. Bathrooms frequently are the least expensive to remodel. Simple changes like replacing an old vanity, plumbing or light fixtures or installing new tile floor, will make home buyers smile.

A full kitchen remodel can be pricey, but you can consider just updating one item. Perhaps a new sink or microwave, even changing the hardware on your cabinets can make your kitchen look more up-to-date.

Regular maintenance of your home will reduce the projects needed when you’re ready to sell. And, as you can see, most of these projects can be done without great cost, especially if you’re willing to invest your own sweat equity. If your home needs more help than your budget can handle, no worries, give us a call. We can help!