What We Might Think About Our Property Listing Price.

property listing price

Most of us want our homes to reflect our unique style, but that’s not always good. Sometimes those things we believe gives our home character can drive the property value down when we list it. Here are four things to be aware of that may affect your property listing¬†price.

1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

While you might believe the biggest house would be the most desired, this is surprisingly not the case. Buyers looking for big houses, look in the neighborhoods where big houses are located. They simply aren’t looking for a big house surrounded by smaller homes.

2. Clashing Colors

Color is a decorating trend right now – an accent wall or bright walls – we love those new beautiful colors in our homes. But all this color may drive your property value down. The colors we love may not work for all buyers. It’s probably a good idea to repaint in neutral shades before listing your property on the market. You want the every buys to be able to visualize your own furniture and accent pieces fitting in your home.

3. Inconsistent Appliances

Think about it, consistency is a major selling point for buyers. If a kitchen has black plastic appliances with a stainless steel refrigerator or a bathroom with a copper basin sick but a white porcelain toilet, buyers will plan to renovate immediately. When buyers plan updates while viewing a property, they start adjusting their potential offer lower. Brand-new matching appliances will increase your property’s value by thousands.

4. Alarming Homeowner Associations

Buyers know to learn about HOAs in the neighborhoods where they are interested in buying a home. If a neighborhood watch acts like the neighborhood police – or if they hardly exist – you could see low buyer interest. You can overcome this obstacle by showing your home with neighbors are least active. And, you can clean up around your neighborhood as much as possible.

While these obstacles may have surprised you, you can take steps to avoid them and improve your property’s value now. As long as you stay creative and involved with your property’s listing, you can expect to close your sale at a¬†good price in no time. For more information on this subject and more, visit our contact page or call us at (501)725-1160. At Best Real Estate Investments, LLC, we are dedicated to keeping customers first.